How Radon is Reduced – Chattanooga, Tennessee

How is Radon Reduced in Chattanooga

If you have high levels of radon in your Chattanooga area home, your first concern is obviously getting those levels back down to normal. But you should also be concerned with learning as much as you can about radon, including how it gets into your home and what your and the contractor you choose can work together to get rid of it.

Understanding Radon

To understand how radon levels are reduced in the Chattanooga area, it helps to first understand how radon gets into your home in the first place. One of the most dangerous things about radon is the fact that it is a colorless and odorless gas. The fact that it is colorless and odorless means that it can seep into your home virtually undetected. The fact that it is a gas means it can get into your Chattanooga area home Reducing Radon Chattanoogathrough even the tiniest of openings. If you have even a hairline crack or tiny hole in the basement walls surrounding your Chattanooga area home, or the foundation of that home, that is enough for radon to make an entrance.

Another factor that plays a role in radon contamination in the Chattanooga area is the unequal pressure inside and outside the typical home. The weight of the soil and ground surrounding the home creates a high pressure, much higher than the pressure inside the average Chattanooga area home. That difference in pressure can create a suction effect that literally forces radon gas into your home from the surrounding soil.

When you hire a radon contractor in the Chattanooga area, that contractor will take a look at your home and look at how that radon is entering your home. If the difference in pressure between the interior and exterior of your home plays a role, the contractor will work to equalize that pressure and prevent more radon from getting in. Radon contractors use a number of techniques to equalize pressure, and a good contractor should be willing to explain how each system works.

Understand Your Contractor’s Radon Solution

It is important to understand how the Chattanooga area radon contractor you hire intends to deal with the problem, since you may need to monitor the radon reduction system they put into your home. If the system you choose for your Chattanooga area home does require monitoring, be sure the contractor explains the operation and monitoring technique thoroughly after the work has been done and the radon levels are back to normal in your Chattanooga area home.