Radon Action Month for Chattanooga, TN

Wednesday, January 2, 2013 @ 09:01 PM
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Chattanooga, TN Residents Prepare for Radon Action Month

Radon Action Month Chattanooga, TennesseeRadon action month is approaching and is this January. Do not let your Chattanooga home go without the necessary mitigation or testing to protect it from terrible radon gas. Radon gas is known to kill more people than drunk driving, and is a growing concern for doctors across the United States. What is scary is that many Chattanooga residents do not know whether or not their home is being affected by radon gas, and therefore avoid taking the proper action. All of this can change by taking the appropriate action this radon action month.

Radon action month is the perfect time to schedule the necessary tests to find out whether or not your Chattanooga home is in need of a mitigation system. With so many deaths because of radon gas, it only makes sense that you protect your family by at least testing. In order to understand radon better, we must take a look at where it comes from, and how it enters your Chattanooga home so easily.

Radon forms from the natural process of uranium breaking down in the soil. As the uranium breaks down, radon gas forms. Your Chattanooga home creates somewhat of a vacuum effect sucking the radon gas from the ground and into the home through the foundation. You may think that there is no way that a gas may enter your home, but a gas may seep through the smallest of spaces. Radon may also enter through your water supply, or several other ways, so taking the appropriate action is extremely important.

Ways to Handle Radon Action Month in Chattanooga

The first thing you need to do during radon action month is have your home tested to find out whether or not you are at risk. Once your home has been tested, you will be able to have a better idea of the levels in your Chattanooga home, and take the appropriate action. If your home has low or no levels of radon gas, no further action is required and you will only need to retest your home in a few years. If your home has high levels of gas, you can contact your local mitigation company during radon action month to provide the necessary air purification.

Radon action month is the perfect time to speak with a knowledgeable professional at S.W.A.T. Environmental. We have the years of experience, certifications, and knowledge to provide the necessary mitigation on your Chattanooga home. If properly installed, a mitigation system may reduce levels by as much as 99%. Do not let another year go by with uncertain levels of a deadly gas in your home linger. Schedule an appointment today to have your Chattanooga home tested during radon action month. If your levels are high, take the last step to safe living by having a professional at S.W.A.T. Environmental reduce your levels. Call S.W.A.T. Environmental today for your Chattanooga home this radon action month.

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