Residential Radon Mitigation

While radon can be a problem in almost any home located within the United States, it is often more of a problem for homeowners living in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Rather than become upset and start planning your move out of your home, you should consider having your home tested for existing levels of radon and take steps to incorporate radon mitigation to resolve problematic levels.

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Commercial Radon Mitigation

It is difficult enough when the radon problem you are having exists in your home, but when this issue is present in your business property, the situation becomes a bit trickier to deal with and resolve. It’s a bit more difficult to deal with radon contamination as a business owner, because you are also responsible for your entire staff. Plus, you need to follow local and state government regulations before you will be able to continue your daily business routine.

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Waterborne Radon Reduction

Did you know that radon, which often enters your house through small crevices or cracks in the wall sections located beneath the ground and in the foundation, can also enter your home through the water supply entering it? Did you also know that radon is odorless, colorless, and tasteless, so you don’t know that it’s there? Radon is undetectable unless you get special testing done, resulting in unnecessary risk of serious health issues for you and your family.

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Air Purification Systems

If you live in Chattanooga, Tennessee, it is likely that the indoor air in your home has poor quality. If this is true, then you are exposed to the bacteria, viruses, and micro-organisms found in the air within your office or home. Since today’s cooling and heating systems are designed to re-circulate indoor air on a continual basis, each of these contaminants remain present, putting your family or employees at a severe risk of developing an illness.

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Services For Realtors

When placing a house up for sale in Chattanooga, Tennessee, it is important to keep radon levels and radon mitigation in mind. Buyers often are concerned with this issue and it is best to be prepared for their questions. Of all the potential problems associated with a real estate transaction, however, radon levels are the simplest to determine and mitigate.

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