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Friday, October 26, 2012 @ 08:10 PM
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Chattanooga, TN Air Quality Threatened

Indoor Air Quality in ChattanoogaAir quality awareness month is during the month of October for Chattanooga residents. This means that during this month, you should educate yourself, and take any proper measures to safeguard your Chattanooga home against poor air quality. Unlike what many may think, not only is outdoor air quality an issue, but the indoor air quality of your Chattanooga home may be the real cause of many health problems.

It is important to know that every year over one million people die because of poor air quality. The EPA has realized the dangers of this threat, and created a scale to quickly display a level of health risk, and measurements of the daily air quality. This scale is commonly known as the air quality index. Chattanooga residents can quickly access their measurements online.

Reading Air Quality Index Ratings in Chattanooga

The air quality index can be broken down into multiple different levels, but first it is important to know what it measures. The air quality index summarizes levels of particle pollution, ground level ozone, sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide into a single number. This single number reflects different levels of health risks, as these four factors are the largest contributors to health risks associated with poor outdoor air quality.

Any level between zero and fifty has been deemed safe for Chattanooga residents. While this would seem like an attainable goal, and only a problem for third world countries, the action of others has affected us. Whether the cause be vehicles, forest fires, power plants, the burning of coal or oil, or other contributing factors, several regions of the United States actually have unsafe levels at the current moment.

Indoor Air Quality of Chattanooga, TN

Tennessee residents may have heard of radon gas, but it is a large contributor to the roughly two million annual deaths due to indoor air quality. Radon gas is naturally occurring in your soil, and may find its way into your Chattanooga home through the foundation. While soil is one way for radon gas to enter your home, there are a number of other methods as well. Because of its nature, radon gas may occur almost anywhere without warning, meaning that almost everyone is at risk. Colorless and odorless, radon gas can only be detected with a radon test.

Whether this month you take the time to read some of our educational material, contact us for a quote on installation of a radon mitigation system, share this information with a friend, or plant a tree to help improve the outdoor air quality, this is the month for action. S.W.A.T. Environmental has the techniques and decades of experience to reduce the levels of radon gas by as much as 99%, and make your home safe from dangers. Do not hesitate on protecting your family’s health. Contact us today and take action for air quality awareness month in Chattanooga, TN.